No Train. Excessive Gain

Galveston 70.3 was all I was hoping it would be.   I was perfect race weight, I hit all my training to the T, and the weather was perfect.  Hahahahahaha. Just kidding, it was terrible all the way.    Let’s go back and see where is all went wrong. 

2016 was a pretty good year for me.  1 hour and 9 min PR at IMAZ, multiple podium finishes in 10ks and 5Ks, several Kreitz Place finishes (4th place).   2017 started off great too with a first place at Run Houston 5k with my first sub 21 min 5k.   All things looked good for an epic 2017, and then it didn’t. 

I’m not sure what the exact moment was, but I was tired mentally and stress was mounting with work and the wheels just started to come off.  One missed workout became two, two became 3, one week became 2, and the trend continued from there.  But, don’t worry because my eating made up for my missed workouts.  One scotch became two, two cookies became three, three bags of M&Ms became four, and so on.  

Believe it or not.  You mix no workouts and excessive sweet and poor eating choices tends to have a negative impact on your body.   Things start to change.  Like waist size.  “I swear these pants fit last month.”  Shirts somehow shrink.  “I must have dried these on anti-bacterial by accident.”  Tri Tops become compression gear. “Hmmmm, saves on having to buy 2XU recovery top”.  It’s crazy how it sneaks up on you.  One day you’re 150 lbs then you check again and you’re 170.  Wait, what the frack just happened.    

That brings me to Galveston.  Untrained, overweight, and under motivated, I was taking Galveston with a grain of salt.  It wasn’t going to be the day I’d hoped it would be when I started 2017, but I paid to race, so dangit, I was racing it.   Well, I was finishing it.  There was no racing involved.   

The swim was a little rough and made keeping a straight line tough, so there was a lot of zigzagging going on.  Took my time, enoyed the burning of salt water in my mouth and got out feeling fine.  

The bike was a cross windy mess.  It never felt like we had any assistance from the wind, only resistance.  I kept my heart rate low, and kept my power around 150 for the 56 miles.  On the way back, I had a flat on my rear time that cost my about 9 mins and thank goodness a support car came by.  I was having serious race brains and couldn’t get anything to work.  He looked at me and asked “First Flat?”   I was thinking “No you jackhole, just help and stop judging”. But I said no sir, just can’t get it to work.  He was kind and hand me back on the road.  
Oh the run, or as I will refer to it as “Social time”.  I’ve never stopped and chatted so much in my life.  Spectators, friends, my wife, whoever needed to be talked to, I stopped and chatted with.  I wasn’t in a hurry and I didn’t want to make my legs hurt, so I just enjoyed the day.  Cloudy, humid as a swamp, I decided there was nothing better to do.  I finished with an unimpressive time for me, but it is all my fault.   

Now I need to set my sights on Buffalo Springs, drop 25LBS, and train like a beast.  Aiming for sub 5:30 this year.  It possible, as long as I can stay out of my own way.  


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  1. Can definitely relate to this… love the honesty! You’ve got this though! When Bryan “the tumbleweed” Kreitz comes to Buffalo Springs, they won’t know what hit them! Get it!!

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